SAFER project PhD students begin at the Stockholm Resilience Centre

 March 2024

Vajira Lasantha and Romi Lotcheris have both recently joined as PhD students at the Stockholm Resilience Centre to begin working on the SAFER project. 

Romi has broad experience in the fields of hydrology and environmental sciences. She holds a Master of Science with distinction in Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Within the SAFER project, her research will focus on understanding and detecting global scale water resilience loss. In particular, she will work with green water, moisture recycling, and global teleconnections. This will involves using earth observation data, methods for detecting resilience loss, and causal inference.

Vajira has a diverse background spanning hydrology, environmental engineering, water resources, and water infrastructure. Before joining Stockholm Resilience Centre, he was a joint double masters scholar at the University of Tokyo and the United Nations University, where he studied urban environmental engineering and sustainability. His thesis projects covered the topics of sustainable sanitation and global water resources. Previously, he worked as a water and environmental engineer in Sri Lanka, designing water and sanitation infrastructure and conducting hydrological studies and environmental assessments. Within the SAFER project, he will focus on detecting water resilience loss and investigating its global teleconnections, taking a multifaceted approach that includes land surface modelling, moisture tracking, and network analysis.

We look forward to welcoming Petr Vesnovskii later this month. 

Soon hiring 3 PhD students! 

23 March 2023

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